Udwen Consoles Explores Collaboration with Malaysian Delegation

UDWEN control room console manufacturers recently hosted a Malaysian delegation at their Changzhou headquarters on November 24th. The meeting aimed to explore collaboration opportunities in control room desks. Both parties discussed technological innovations, design, and market demands.

The discussions focused on current trends and potential collaboration strategies. The Malaysian delegation expressed satisfaction with the insights gained. They showed eagerness to deepen the collaboration for advancements in console technology.

UDWEN control room console manufacturers also found the meeting productive, appreciating the collaboration prospects presented. They committed to furthering the partnership for console innovation.

The Malaysian delegation displayed interest in Udwen Consoles’ E-Series product line. They wanted to explore potential applications in control rooms, indicating a desire for collaboration.

Overall, the meeting established a beneficial platform for both parties to drive innovation in control room consoles. They remain dedicated to fostering this collaboration for mutual advancement.



Udwen Consoles