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Udwen Basic Information:

Jiangsu Udwen Communication Industry Co., Ltd. was founded on 12.17.2012, with its headquarters located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. Founded by JUNTAO CHEN, our enterprise comprises 2 factories and 1 headquarters office, boasting a team of 138 employees. Specializing in control room consoles, our products are categorized into 5 series: C, E, K, V, and T, all adhering to authentic, top-level Chinese standards.

Application Fields:
Our control room consoles find applications in various sectors, including Financial Communication, Government & Organization, Military R&D Institutions, Power Energy, Public Safety, Transportation, and more.

Company Mission:
Driven by the dual happiness of physical and mental well-being for all employees, we are committed to supporting the healthy development of the security industry and contributing to public safety in society. As control room console manufacturers, we offer more than just products and services; we offer a commitment to excellence.

Company Vision:
Our vision is to achieve Centennial Udwen and foster a Happy Enterprise.

Core Values:
At Udwen, we uphold the core values of Integrity, Struggle, Gratitude, and Win-Win, guiding our actions and decisions.

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