Control room furnitures——UD-E007

Application of intelligent technology: The intelligent lifting system with memory and hover functions is convenient and safe,

intelligent multi-screen interaction can operate across multiple terminals and multi-tasks,

outstanding cable management ensures stable operation of the equipment, and the power supply design is unique.

Control room furniture——UD-E007

Control room furnitures——UD-E007

Control room furniture——UD-E007

Flexible combination,Without disassemble,It is free to selected Arc-shaped and straight row and

can be widely adapted to the type size of the control center.

Convenient for customers to install, and Convenient migrate and to transport and install,Save construction costs for customers.

Control room furnitures

Anti-Bite Board has high elastic modulus, tensile strength and bending strength, excellent fire resistance and waterproofness,

strong self-cleaning ability, good environmental performance, reliable material selection and excellent quality.

Control room

The strength and durability of all-steel frames are high, they are easy to customize,

have good moisture resistance and weather resistance and use high-quality materials.

High-precision CNC processing has higher accuracy and speed, which can significantly improve production efficiency and product quality.

The automatic robot bending process has high accuracy and synchronization, long working hours, and high efficiency.

UD-E007 Case Ⅰ

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