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Application and Development of Command Center Console in the Power Industry

2023-11-13 09:11:08

Command Center Control Console in the Power Industry: Application and Development


With the rapid development of the power industry, the operation and management of power systems have become increasingly important. To improve the efficiency and safety of power systems, more and more electric power companies are introducing command center control consoles to achieve more centralized, efficient, and intelligent management.

The design of the udwen Command Center Control Console takes practicality as the priority while integrating human factors and fully considering the characteristics of the power industry. The console is colored in dark or gray tones, possessing a certain level of electromagnetic radiation resistance and adopting ergonomic design for convenient long-term operation by staff. In terms of layout, the console is typically equipped with multi-screen displays and centralized controls for workers to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Functionally, control buttons with clean and intuitive designs can be implanted into the console, greatly enhancing work efficiency. Additionally, it designs and completes the installation of matching equipment positions for quick access to frequently used operations.

The udwen Command Center Control Console has the following advantages in the power industry:

Enhanced work efficiency: The clean and smooth design of the console provides a comfortable and safe working environment, and the multi-screen display and centralized control function allow workers to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, resulting in an increase in work efficiency. It also monitors the running status of the power system in real time, adjusts various parameters, and ensures reasonable allocation and supply of electrical resources.

Cost reduction: The remote control function of using the console for centralized management can reduce the number of personnel engaged in on-site operations, resulting in lower labor costs.

Improved safety: The integrated real-time monitoring and alarm function of the console can help workers discover and address potential safety hazards in a timely manner, reducing the possibility of accidents. When a fault occurs in the power system, it can quickly collect fault information, adjust the working state of equipment through remote control, and restore power supply as soon as possible. At the same time, the alarm function of the console can promptly notify workers for repair and maintenance.

Improved reliability: The integrated automation and intelligence features of the console can improve the reliability and stability of the power system, reducing equipment failures caused by human factors such as misoperation.

The application of the udwen Command Center Control Console in the power industry has great significance and value. It provides strong support for the operation and management of electric power enterprises through multiple advantages including enhancing work efficiency, cost reduction, improved safety and reliability. With continuous technological progress and growing application demand, the future development of the udwen Command Center Control Console will become broader and more diverse, injecting new impetus into sustainable development in the power industry.

The command center has adopted multiple series of self-developed control desks and conference tables, which are supported by intelligent devices to achieve interconnection and centralized control of the operational equipment in the grid command center, helping to improve operator efficiency and strengthen collaboration capabilities.


In this project, the environment space and electrical business requirements were fully taken into account, and self-developed control desk series products were used to scene layout, taking ergonomic factors into full consideration to provide a comfortable human-machine interaction environment for the command center to perform key tasks. Professional control desks have powerful equipment management and cable management capabilities, creating a clean and tidy office space.


As a 24/7 critical operation and maintenance site, the safety and stability of the command center have become important considerations. The control desk products selected in the plan are all made of metal materials, which have longer durability and service life compared to traditional control desks. Therefore, all-metal control desks have more advantages in the construction of command centers.

To meet the development needs of intelligent power in the information age, professional control desk solutions were provided and have been applied to multiple grid command centers in China.

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