Twelve Years of Craftsmanship, Experts in Custom Furniture Manufacturing

Twelve Years of Craftsmanship, Experts in Custom Furniture Manufacturing

UDWEN was founded in 2012.

For twelve years, we have been experts in the manufacturing of custom furniture. Our highly skilled craftsmen are capable of designing and creating furniture for multiple industries, tailoring each piece with key features specifically suited to the industry. We possess special expertise in creating customized broadcast furniture, providing comprehensive solutions for all broadcast and studio setups.

Over the years of professional service, our reputation has been solidified, and our name has spread from China to all corners of the country, gaining various levels of recognition. Other broadcast studios have trusted us to create custom broadcast furniture, so why should you be the only exception? Once your brief is finalized, our internal team is able to present you with a 3D colored visualization and spatial plan of the final product, ensuring that you are 100% satisfied that the design will align with your vision for your workspace.

Certain projects come with a unique set of requirements, and our expert team is ready to collaborate with you to create brand-new, customized broadcast furniture. Additionally, we offer cost-effective and highly adjustable desk systems, specifically designed for use in a 24/7, fast-paced broadcast environment.

We are always proactive and innovative in our practices. Taking into account recent initiatives and ongoing scientific discoveries, we adopt green working methods, including one of the most fundamental aspects that a woodworking company must address correctly: the use of consciously sourced materials. Having sustainably sourced furniture in your broadcast studio not only reflects your commitment to modern environmental practices, but it will also become a necessity over time.