The Importance of Process Control Furniture

The Importance of Process Control Furniture

When it comes to production factory control rooms, finding the best functionality is crucial. In order to ensure that operators can safely and effectively carry out demanding tasks, both equipment and furniture should be carefully designed and placed. Our team is able to produce control room furniture suitable for various organizations – from offshore oil drilling platforms to nuclear power producers, distribution companies, and more.

**Modular Command Consoles**

The technicality of process control furniture doesn’t necessarily have to be complex. With this in mind, our console series is entirely modular and can be installed in various command center environments. Made from durable materials and designed with functionality at its core, our process control consoles can integrate multiple monitors and feature a low-level rear rack for positioning technical equipment. Each unit can be flexibly combined to adapt to control rooms of any scale, including open-plan and compartmentalized configurations.

**Custom Oil, Gas, and Process Control Furniture**

If you need a more customized solution for oil, gas, and process control furniture, we also offer custom design services. Within this scope, our furniture designers will consider your control technology and your space, then create solutions that help optimize your workflow. Whatever type of control room layout you desire, we are experts in building process control consoles, including a range of optional features to meet your needs. Using our advanced CAD visualization software, we can provide clients with previews of finished spaces before manufacturing.

**Optimize Your Process Control Business**

To take the first step in optimizing your process control business, simply discuss your requirements with our team immediately.

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