The global pandemic has undoubtedly brought unprecedented challenges, profoundly reshaping our cognition and expectations of the work environment beyond merely altering our way of life. The convergence of technological and social trends was already driving the gears of workplace transformation, but the sudden outbreak of the pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated this process. Nowadays, the boardroom table has transcended its original function as a mere meeting tool, becoming a showcase for brand image, a bridge for team communication and collaboration, and a platform for practicing sustainable development principles.


In the midst of this global pandemic, the concept of social distancing has deeply penetrated our minds. Even as legal restrictions gradually ease, employee health and safety remain a crucial consideration for businesses. The threat of the virus persists, and crowded office environments may exacerbate the risk. Therefore, our design philosophy has always revolved around ensuring employees’ physical and mental well-being while also balancing meeting efficiency and corporate image.


Against this backdrop, we are honored to present our new range of customized conference room furniture. These furniture pieces not only boast innovative designs but can also be tailored to fit your brand and business needs. Leveraging advanced 3D visualization technology, we can present you with a highly realistic design preview before the project even begins. You can easily adjust the size, shape, materials, and colors of the tables to suit your individual preferences.


Modern conference rooms are no longer just spaces for meetings; they are integrated hubs that serve multiple functions. Our design team takes into account the layout and integration of various technological devices to ensure smooth meetings. Additionally, we offer a diverse range of colors and materials, allowing you to create a conference room environment that seamlessly aligns with your brand image.


As a socially responsible enterprise, we deeply value sustainability. That’s why all our customized conference tables are made from sustainable wood sources, safeguarding our planet’s resources while also reflecting our commitment to green practices. We firmly believe that only by embracing sustainability can we achieve harmonious coexistence between businesses and the environment.

Our customized POST-LOCKDOWN BOARDROOM TABLES series not only caters to your quest for brand identity and meeting efficiency but also demonstrates our profound concern for employee well-being and corporate social responsibility. We look forward to collaborating with you to create a brighter future, jointly embracing the new era of workplace transformation!