Enhancing Safety Awareness: UDWEN Organizes Fire Safety Lecture

UDWEN CONTROL ROOM CONSOLE believes ensuring the safety of its employees is of paramount importance. Recently, the company organized a lively and practical fire safety lecture to strengthen internal safety measures and improve employee awareness and capabilities regarding fire safety.

Overview of Lecture Content:

Common Causes of Fires and Preventive Measures (UDWEN):

At the beginning of the lecture, professional fire safety instructors introduced common causes of fires, such as electrical faults, open flames, short circuits, etc.

Correct Usage of Fire Extinguishing Equipment (UDWEN):

Hands-on experience using fire extinguishers enables them to act quickly and accurately in emergencies.

Evacuation and Self-Rescue Skills Training (UDWEN):

Correct use of emergency exits, how to use smoke masks, etc.

Regular Drills and Emergency Plans (UDWEN):

The company’s emergency plan was also explained in detail during the lecture, so employees knew the steps to take in the event of a fire.

Effectiveness of the Lecture:

The fire safety lecture not only increased employees’ awareness of fire safety but also instilled in them a sense of responsibility for self-protection. Following the lecture, an internal fire safety awareness promotion group was established within the company, organizing regular training and drills. Employees learned self-rescue skills and gained a deeper understanding of the company’s safety commitment.


The company’s organization of a fire safety lecture aims to create a safer and more stable working environment. By raising employees’ safety awareness and capabilities, we can better address potential fire risks, ensuring the safety of employees’ lives. What’s more, this initiative aligns with regulatory requirements and demonstrates the company’s responsibility to employees. These lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the company.

UDWEN Firefighting lecture