A sincere letter for you


Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. I represent a control room console manufacturer based in Changzhou, Jiangsu,china. Our team is eager to collaborate with you. Our company specializes in manufacturing control room consoles and is recognized as a top-tier supplier in the Chinese market. We have always prioritized service and quality, offering our products at relatively competitive prices. This approach has earned us a solid reputation and trust among our partners in the Chinese market.

We are officially entering overseas trade. As your overseas business partner, we seek to be a genuine, stable, and trustworthy manufacturer. We believe that our perfected services, excellent quality, and reasonable pricing will lead to a mutually beneficial partnership. Our goal is to earn your trust and cooperation.


Briefly describe our team:

Our team consists of approximately 138 members, including a sales and design team of 36 and 102 production and installation employees. They are dedicated to handling business negotiations, product manufacturing, research, design, and more. Furthermore, our services involve using CAD, 3D, and VR technologies to create realistic renderings of control room layouts based on your specifications. Upon placing an order, we not only provide product trials and meticulous packaging but also furnish you with personalized installation reference videos, ensuring that the delivered goods meet your expectations after installation. All of these efforts aim to ensure a seamless experience from purchase to installation.

When you engage with our sales manager, your described control room console will be transformed into 3D models and VR renderings by our design team. Once confirmed by you, our factory will proceed with production and trial assembly, ultimately shipping the goods alongside an installation video tailored specifically for your needs.

We understand the paramount importance of product quality, service, functionality, and delivery time for you, and these have always been our focal points. Before embarking on international trade, our team has diligently anticipated and resolved potential issues.


Briefly describe our product:

We firmly believe that mere promises are insufficient; it is our actions that truly matter. Our commitment goes beyond mere words; we aim to substantiate it through actions. We trust your discernment in making a wise choice!

Allow me to briefly introduce our control room console, comprising 5 series coded as C\K\V\E\T. Detailed information about these products can be found on our official website. The specific coding within these 5 series might not follow a strict pattern because, based on feedback from control room operators, we have discontinued certain products, ensuring practical utility rather than mere aesthetics. Within these 25 products across the 5 series, each one can be fully customized to your specifications. This is top-tier customization, as we boast a comprehensive production line and a skilled technical team capable of realizing your ideas!

Please consider reaching out to our sales manager; perhaps we could be your ideal partners. We believe that all successful collaborations stem from genuine communication. As a manufacturer, I can only express our sincerity through these earnest words; I hope for your understanding!

Looking forward to the possibility of collaborating with you! Wishing you prosperity and success in all endeavors!


Udwen Consoles
E-MAIL: ud@udwen.com
Jiangsu Udwen Communication Industry Co., Ltd.